Musings: Blast from the past

Musings: Blast from the past

Learn to live each day as it comes and do not borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow.

                                                                                                                                    Dorothy Dix

Words convey a message and express feelings. They are either spoken or written; and carry so much strength in both forms. It is widely said that spoken words cannot be taken back; once they come out they can either encourage or hurt someone. Written words carry as much strength, the only difference is they can be erased before being read by someone else.

I stumbled on a ten-old journal of mine which I had completely forgotten. The words I wrote then still carried a lot of strength and emotions; causing me to remember the hurt, anger, happiness and joy I was feeling at the time. I wrote on my first boyfriend and as I read I remembered those times, how I felt he was my world. Now I can laugh at those times, thinking how wrong I was because the whole thing was over within a few months. If anyone had told me at the time I was writing that we were not going to be together by the next year, I would have been really mad.

I wrote about my friend, at the start of the journal, she was my best mate in school. Midway through it, I had discovered that she wrote a note which was found in her room by another school mate, and in the note apparently she hated me. Needless to say, we didn’t speak for almost a whole year. Somewhere close to the end of the journal, we made up. I can remember that day, she gave me a “I’m sorry card” and we parted from high-school as friends. That’s one friendship I have always missed, well at least we are friends on Facebook now!

Back then I dreamed of becoming a pediatrician or an architect . I was inspired to be a pediatrician because of my love for kids and an experience where my cousin almost lost her new-born baby. My Physics teacher felt I should study something unpopular and groundbreaking like Molecular Biology or Genetic Engineering. My guidance counsellor told me “you can do anything you want to, as long as you set your mind to it”. When it was time to make the decision on a course of study for university, true to my abilities I knew there was no way I could study pediatrics because I wasn’t passionate about Biology. MB and GE were out of the question because no university in Nigeria offered those. Somehow, I decided on IT and this is what I have two degrees in.

Lately I have been thinking about my dreams, hopes and ambitions wondering if I’m on the right path. I really want to do something that will change lives and positively affect people. This blast from the past gave me more strength to carry on. I also found a letter I wrote to myself, and I advised myself to “let the future take care of itself” and enjoy the present…I think it’s time to pen another letter to thirty-year old me.

Keep pursuing what’s really important – your God-given goals and your God-given dreams.

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