Sunday Reflections: Friends, Hair and Sesame Street

Sunday Reflections: Friends, Hair and Sesame Street

*Reflective Sundays is a weekly (hopefully) series to mull over the past week and plan for the next. 

In the past week the discovery of items from my teenage years brought tons of memories rushing back; it brought back memories of friends and the fun times we had together. We lost contact after everyone when on to different universities, I happened not to have any of them in the same university as me. I recently reconnected with some of them, but we all are at different points in our lives and very different people. For some, I found a lack of common ground and we kept talking about the past, after reminiscing, there seems to be nothing else to talk about.

The one thing I know is we had good times, fun times together in the past. Even though we may have grown and become different people, the point is we were there for one another at the point when we needed one another and they made certain situations more bearable. 

For laughs: I love the series Friends, and this is a clip from an episode where they are reunited with an old classmate (played by Brad Pitt). Apparently he was fat in high school, and formed a club ‘The I Hate Rachel Green Club’. Now, years later he has lost weight (and looks fab), still hates Rachel, and finds Ross has dated her and they are having a baby. Here’s a short clip from the episode where they talk about The Rumour they both started about her.


Also after the good hair/bad hair talk, I found India Arie’s song, ‘I am not my hair’. I think it concludes the matter.


Somehow this last week I found myself humming the Sesame street theme song. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet and Youtube (in my opinion one the greatest ideas of all time !), here’s a clip;


My verse for the week:

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you many know how to answer everyone.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Colossians 4:6


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