Dance like no one’s watching

Dance like no one’s watching

I am feeling: excited, optimistic, full of joy.


Photo by: HDC Photography

After bouts of foul moods, I woke up today happy and totally carefree. The journey in life is paved with so many decisions; ever so often we make decisions and things do not go according to plan. Other times things turn out in a way we never imagined because of indecision and a lack of commitment.

I have come to realise dwelling on the past changes nothing. It is very easy to imagine if I had done this and this or not done this, the present would be different. Regret is a terrible emotion; it takes up so much time and emotion, makes one wallow in self-pity while getting nothing done. The way forward is to learn from the past and move on.

I am currently listening to the audio book  ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne; it’s a wonderful book, a must read (or listen)! It emphasis on the laws of attraction, God/the universe only gives what you ask. Your mood is a way to know that what kind of thoughts you are thinking. A bad mood is a sign of negative thoughts. Watch out for this and consciously snap out of a bad mood, because it only gives off negative signals to God/the universe, attracting more negative things.

I am taking control because I can never get these days in my life back, so I’m going to enjoy this moment to the fullest!

Song of the day: Dance Like No One’s Watching by Carlyn Avends


2 thoughts on “Dance like no one’s watching

  1. “A bad mood is a sign of negative thoughts”. Yea,I agree. One has to be happy and sincerely thankful for the good times that has been and even greater times to come. God appreciates our praises rather than our groans.

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