Saturday Titbit: Where Yesterday Lives

Saturday Titbit: Where Yesterday Lives

51GiLKCbgFL._SL500_AA240_I’ve just finished reading the book Where Yesterday lives by Karen Kingsbury.  The storyline revolves around Ellen Barnett and her siblings when she returns home after the death of her father.

The journey back to her childhood home leads Ellen to re-examine her life as she grieves the loss of her father. She finds the relationship between herself and her sister is strained, even though they were best of friends growing up.  For a family that everyone else remembered as happy and full of love, they all felt uncomfortable and tense around each other.

Coming together they discovered that in order to move on to the future they had to deal with the hurt of yesterday. Only when they dealt with all the issues everyone had could they move on to being a happy family once again.


Even though it is useless spending time and effort regretting the mistakes of yesterday; sometimes we need to take a trip down memory lane to where yesterday lives in order to conquer our tomorrow.


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