Reflecting and Anticipating

Reflecting and Anticipating

Well, the month of July has come to an end. This month perfectly illustrates the words of a wise man/woman “time waits for no one”; it appears to have flown past so quickly. When I looked at the calendar a few days ago, surprised that the month had practically ended, I was glad I hadn’t wasted all the days in July.

July was a very productive month for me, I was able to make some decisions and plan. I finally got around planning a course of action for my latest project and actually taking the initial steps. It was certainly an eventful month and at the end of it all I’m emerging with so much more clarity on a lot of things.

Now looking ahead to August; I will be starting my 101 things to do and yes, I do intend to take it very seriously. As part of this, I will be taking part in the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo); the aim of which is to update this blog every single day in August.

The theme for the month of August from the NaBloPoMo group is ‘Tomorrow’, although posting around the theme is optional. While I am totally about quality and not quantity, I apologize in advance for the times I may falter and not post something quality; but I will certainly do my best. Thank goodness this blog is a general one so I can pretty much write about anything under the sun and there certainly is a lot of stuff going on.

Goodbye July, Hello August! Have a smashing month everyone!


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