A note about change and 101 update

A note about change and 101 update

Theologians and Bible scholars label the number eight to be a symbol of new beginnings and we are in the eighth month of the year. In the spirit of new beginnings, there has been a change in this new blog of mine.

Regular or not-so-regular visitors to this corner would probably have noticed being redirected to a new url, read on for an explanation. As the about section mentions this space has been/is under construction, but finally my team and I (yes, there is a team- even if it’s just two of us) have been brainstorming (or at least thinking) about a name for this space.

Yesterday I (finally) decided to the domain taureandiva.com, so we went ahead and bought it. Thank goodness for supportive beau and my paypal account, which I used for something other than eBay bargains for the first time.

Dayzero project update: I have started my 101 things to do in 1001 days project. This month my goals are to blog daily and stay off fizzy drinks for the next three months.

A couple of months ago I was in proper healthy living mode and decided to make subtle changes to my diet. The most consistent one I have tried to keep up with is the fizzy drinks, obviously because of the sugar. I cut down on the consumption from regularly to once every other week, so now I’m looking to go off it for a three whole months. This includes refusing it when offered as refreshments when I’m a guest; I really hope it doesn’t offend anyone.

Writing a blog post every day, now that’s a challenge. I’m supposed to attempt to create posts around the theme ‘tomorrow’, but that’s not possible all the time. Take today for instance; I had no inspiration, so maybe tomorrow…

Random Thought: Change is sometimes challenging and may require and test strength of will and character. A new beginning is a change, choose to embrace it!


2 thoughts on “A note about change and 101 update

  1. Glad to see you starting your 101 in 1001 challenge already. A fellow 101er created a ning social network for people participating in the day zero project. Please feel free to join us! You can find more info here: http://dayzero.ning.com/

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