The one with the Internet outage

The one with the Internet outage

I’m just recovering from a full day of internet disconnection. It wasn’t a planned disconnection or of my choice; I just found that when I opened up my laptop in the morning I couldn’t connect to the internet.

Initially I was patient thinking it was a temporary outage, because here was no word from my ISP concerning an extended outage. After trying for hours I gave up completely. 

By the evening all I could think about was updating this blog, because I am supposed to be posting something everyday this month. Fortunately enough, I was sort of prepared.

What had happened was, on the previous (Wednesday) night I was unable to sleep so I drafted the post for the blog and uploaded it. It was in draft mode because I was still thinking of developing it further and writing some more. Anyway, I decided to publish it just as it was and got my lovely fiancé to log in at his end (have I mentioned I’m currently in a long distance relationship?) and publish the post.

Once I accepted that I wasn’t going to get on the internet I was able to get a life that didn’t involve social media and the World Wide Web. I had a completely email, twitter, google reader and internet free day for the first time in a while.

At the end of the day it wasn’t as bad as I imagined as I was able to read more chapters than usual of my first book for the month. I also managed to go to bed early (although I got up in the middle of the night and found that ‘The Women’ was showing on TV).Sure I missed reading blogs and twitter but it was definitely refreshing.

Today when I logged in to twitter I found everyone was recovering from some twitter down time. Some tweets with the #whentwitterwasdown hasttag were so hilarious. Someone actually claimed to have curled up and cried himself/herself to sleep.

I had to ask myself would there be a difference between conscious decision to unplug and no option to connect. Do we handle things better when we have access and decide to go a different path?

It’s amazing how the Internet has integrated with/impacted on/taken over our lives.

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3 thoughts on “The one with the Internet outage

  1. I do so much better when I decide that I want or don’t want to use the internet. It’s like when the power goes off…I must use all things electrical, even if I was reading a book in the sunlight before the power outage lol

    I came over from nablopomo – Hi!!
    Kristin – The Goat

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