Happiness is…

Happiness is…

While organizing my magazine stack, I stumbled on an issue of Marie Claire (UK) magazine and it was the happy issue. I immediately thought to myself “oh I can write about this”. When I tried to start writing and contemplated the issue, there really wasn’t anything reasonable I could put down.

Happiness is a mystery. Happiness is different things to everyone. What makes me happy may or may not make you happy.

Happiness is life, liberty and its own pursuit. It is feeling that I’m anyone’s equal and no one’s superior. It is an unsolicited hug from my son.

Shami Chakrabarti (Director of Liberty)

Childhood memories of me and my friends riding our bikes all around the neighbourhood make me happy. Memories of picnics at the end of a school year in secondary school (high school) make me happy. Spending time with my family brings feelings of happiness. A lazy Saturday at home with my beau makes me happy. Good music lifts my spirits and makes me happy. Great friends make me happy.

I’m happiest whe concentrating on a goal, especially when making something. It doesn’t matter what: the next chapter of a novel, a recipe for apple pudding…

Lionel Shriver (Writer)

All I can say on this issue is I’ve discovered some of the things that make me happy in life. They are the simple things. The things that made me happy yesterday still make me happy today and will most likely make me happy tomorrow!

Have a happy weekend folks!


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