Me and Unemployment

Me and Unemployment

I’ve discovered that I’m full of musings lately, maybe this will explain why.

Yesterday, the unemployment figures for the UK were released and it is the highest since 1995 apparently. This led me to think about my time in between jobs.

In March I was at some sort of crossroad in my life; I quit my job in the UK and moved back home, to Nigeria, at the end of the month. I always wanted a gap year, to figure things out but never got it. I think it finally came in this period.

I read on someone’s blog or profile (I read so many blogs I can’t remember which in order  to reference), that your twenties is the period for self discovery. I have certainly been on a journey of self discovery and discovered so many things about myself and life.

I am using this time to rediscover so many buried passions and figure out a lot of things in my life. It feels good to be able to pursue other interests I may not have time for while in formal employment. Every single day I am thankful for those that have formed my support system while I find myself.

*Join me to say a prayer for all those who have hit hard times due to job loss as a result of the state of the economy, especially those in countries without any form of social welfare packages. 


2 thoughts on “Me and Unemployment

  1. I praise the bold step you have taken by moving back to Nigeria. It may be scary one but it is one that will definitely be crowned with success in the end…

    The job situation world wide is truly something to get on our knees and pray…The Lord is our strength.

    ***Love your blog!!!

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