Dissecting the fairytale

Dissecting the fairytale

The perfect love story should go like this; boy meets girl, they take an interest in each other, they fall in love, they fall out over some issues; realise they can’t live without the other person and then get married and live happily ever after. In the last scene we should see them driving off as the sun sets and thinking they’ll live happy together forever…wrong!

A relationship in real life is just like Shrek; imperfect. After the happily ever after, there is the sequel, where issues arise and these have to be dealt with. This is the test of real love, after the honeymoon phase.

From my little relationship experience and the few relationship books and articles I’ve read, I’ve learnt to;

  •  Communicate; always discuss all issues, do not try to sweep it under the rug, it may look nice on the surface, but there’s loads of dirt underneath. All issues need to be dealt with!
  •  Apologize and take responsibility (when you are wrong)
  •  Listen (actually listening and not just hearing)
  •  Agree to disagree: I read on Victoria Osteen’s blog, sometimes you need to agree to disagree just to keep peace. You know there are times when both parties do not budge; each person insists they are right; for the sake of peace you can agree to disagree on that subject.

One key principle we both agreed on in our relationship is to never go to bed mad at one another. It works like a charm!

Have a lovely weekend folks!


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