Book Review: When Joy Came to Stay

Book Review: When Joy Came to Stay

Goal #34 

I bought this book (part of a collection of three, see the first review here), as a result of the genius recommendation system on Amazon. Considering the fact that I had never read any Karen Kingsbury book it was quite a leap to purchase three at a go.

When joy came to stay is the story of a Christian lady, Maggie Stovall and revolves around her battle with depression stemming from her past which she has tried to suppress. Desperate, Maggie checks into a psychiatric hospital, which she later finds is Christian-based; there she gets help dealing with the issues that plague her.

Maggie never opened up to her husband before they got married; this left him unaware of her past and puzzled when she checks herself into a clinic. As a young girl who found herself pregnant, she felt as though keeping her baby would result in the loss of her boyfriend, Ben. Maggie’s breakdown causes Ben to try to find out the secrets his wife has kept from him. He also deals with his somewhat self-righteous attitude especially in judging others.

.Another part of the story is the little girl Amanda Joy, who is in foster care and experiences abuse, but keeps believing that someday she will find her mother.

The themes in the story that stood out to me were;

  • Faith
  • Choices & consequences
  • Forgiveness
  • Restoration

It is a good read although somewhere in the middle it seems to go on and on, but it does come together nicely at the end.



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