Putting dreams on paper

Putting dreams on paper


Like I mentioned at the beginning of the week I started working on my vision board, inspired by the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne (Goal #1). For a while I kept thinking I didn’t have all the right items I needed, but I decided to take the initial step and make do with what I had; pictures from magazines, glue and sheets of paper.

Most people make lists or write down some kind of five year plan, usually placing it somewhere safe or in notebook. The vision board is more stimulating as you have images of what you aspire for or to be. It can contain short term or long term dreams, or aspirations for a particular area of your life such as career, relationship, finances, etc.

The vision board is a way to present dreams and goals; ideally it should be placed in a visible position in a home or bedroom. Although I’ve read of individuals who create their boards, completely forget about it, only to stumble on it years later and realise that they’ve achieved their dreams.

The vision board can be presented on a sheet of paper, in a frame or on a power point slide on a computer. My vision board is on a sheet of paper at the moment, but I hope to improve on it in time and even get a frame.

Here’s how to create a vision board.

  • Cut out pictures from magazines
  • Cut out particular words
  • Get a sheet of paper, cardboard
  • Stick on/Paste pictures
  • Make it visually appealing e.g. paint the background
  • Place in a pretty frame
  • Display it somewhere prominent for everyday viewing

Particular images or pictures of places could signify where you want to be or a height you want to attain. For me, a picture of Oprah signifies success and influence, a woman in a wedding dress signifies a wedding and I also chose particular words that popped out to me.

Following the laws of attraction, the creation of the vision board is just the first step. For anything to happen one has to actually believe that those images will become reality.

It is essential to have faith and take action for the actualisation of set goals and dreams.


6 thoughts on “Putting dreams on paper

    1. hi Tara,
      yea it’s a good way to present one’s plans and expectations & I will post some pics when I’m done.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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