Don’t Hate! Appreciate!

Don’t Hate! Appreciate!

What you resist persists

-Carl Yung

One thing I have come to utilise in my life is appreciation, appreciation of the qualities I love in the people.

In conflict situations, the tendency is to focus on and let the other person know their qualities that you hate; which may have also been the cause of the conflict. Choosing to focus on the flaws of family and loved ones only makes the flaws become more pronounced.

A while ago the fiancé and I had a row, after several dead-end conversations focusing on flaws and weaknesses; I decided to take some time to write a list. A list of all the qualities I love and admire about him.

Writing the list brought to mind a lot of fun and lovely moments, and all the thoughtful things he does for me. Amongst others, some of the things I noted are;

  • His sense of humour (we are really goofy together)
  • His supportiveness (he’s my number one critic and number one fan)
  • His kind heart
  • His ability to relate to a lot of people
  • I love that he listens to me talk about Eastenders, but draws the line on hearing about Corrie.
  • His gift choosing abilities  (he gives great gifts)
  • His financial planning abilities

This week in all your relationships, focus on positives; individual strengths and qualities you love. I bet you, you will see more of the positive shining through like I have!


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