The new and improved me

The new and improved me

After certain remarks by an individual, I reaffirmed what I already know; no one has the permission to put me down!

I realised that negativity, whether imagined or real, was only magnified by me going over the circumstance over and over again. I made a conscious decision to snap out of it and replied the same person with a positive comment.

A quick update on my funemployment non-adventures;

  • Every now and then I get a great idea to work on, – then I remember I haven’t concluded a previous one. I have a notepad full of ideas. 
  • Just finished packing, I’m attending a wedding; my flight is at 07:00 (GMT) friday.
  • I hate packing.
  • I’m always ready to bribe someone to pack my luggage.
  • I’m going to be a bridesmaid and I haven’t seen the dress…risky.
  • I’m learning/trying to be organised; I actually wrote a list of outfits to pack for the weekend…wow!


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