The start of a couple’s journey and new friendships

The start of a couple’s journey and new friendships

Last weekend saw me taking a trip to attend a wedding. I arrived at my destination on Friday afternoon after a one hour flight and ninety minute drive which took three hours because of traffic.

100_0461Ready to take-off!

The traditional wedding ceremony which was on Friday afternoon was almost ruined by rain and the evil thing called ‘African time’. Nevertheless it was a wonderful afternoon and ceremony even though the MC was drenched in rain as he kept running from the canopy of the bride’s family to the canopy of the groom’s family.

The most striking thing about Nigerian weddings on whatever scale or budget is that they are often carnival-like; a large gathering of family, friends, colleagues and everyone the parents ever met. A wedding is the easiest time to draw the family map of a bride or groom. Everyone is present, either out of goodwill or obligation. A lot of people would try as much as possible to take time off work to be there to support the couple and/or their parents. People give gifts in different forms either particular items or financial aid to the bride’s parents who are the hosts. You can always feel the love all around. 

the bride being prayed for by her parents @ traditional wedding, sadly I don't have any picture of her lovely wedding gown

The bride being prayed for by her parents at the traditional wedding. Sadly, I don’t have any picture of her in her lovely wedding gown worn on saturday.

Saturday was the church wedding and for the first time I witnessed a late groom. The bridal party were in the church long before the groom and we were asked to enter for the service to proceed. Even though the groom was not there to see his bride walk down the aisle, the ceremony was beautiful. I will never forget the moment the father of the bride handed her over to the groom with tears in his eyes; a lot of people were tearing up (or laughing).

It was also a great break for me and I made several new friends, so my 101 things list gets an update because I have 3 new female friends. It’s amazing how we just hit it off, we were bridesmaids together and initially united by a common dilemma. While getting dressed in the morning, we learnt that the makeup artist failed to turn up so we would have to do our own makeup in less than 10 minutes as we were running late. Though frustrating (I left all my makeup bar lip gloss and mascara in the hotel) we managed to pull it off and looked decent enough for the photographs.

It was a privilege to be part of the beginning of a couple’s journey into married life, witnessing their exchange of vows and rings, first kiss and first dance as a married couple.

Congratulations to the new Mr.&Mrs.




 Lovely shopping/whatever-you-want-it-to-be bag from bride to bridesmaids.


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