Back with a clearer mind

Back with a clearer mind

Everyone has something to say, social media gives everyone a voice. They say what’s on their mind; they tell the world their aspirations, fears and other mundane details of their life.
I was tired of knowing, I knew so much about them, yet so little of who they are…so I logged off.

I was at a point when I jokingly said I probably would not recognise the voice of some of my friends; because we communicated via Twitter, Facebook or Blackberry messenger. It’s ironic that the very same media that served as a connection to the world left me feeling disconnected.
I was developing a lot of weak ties and felt the weakening of my strong ties.

I took time to reconnect offline; spending time with my family, my fiancé and my friends.
So much has happened in my life since the last time I was here; October was a splendid month from start to finish,and climaxed with my decision to move back to the rainy city.


2 thoughts on “Back with a clearer mind

  1. You know, I think a lot of us who use social media feel this way every now and then. I personally never want online communications to be the main way I interact with my family and loved ones (well, the ones that I live close to, anyway).

    I’m glad you managed to find some perspective and that you enjoyed October! Wishing you the best as 2009 winds down.

    1. yea, I understand what you mean about online communications and family & loved ones; I think sometimes our communications with others also distract us from them. I mean, you may have someone constantly checking for updates and carrying on with online conversations instead of focusing on the ppl around.

      Thanks so much, wish you the same 🙂

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