A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Happy 2011!

With the new year I have decided to give blogging another go.

My Singular Resolution

As with every year, people make resolutions, set goals and outline things they intend to achieve. I have not made a long list of resolutions this year; for as long as I know I have made resolutions at the start of the year and promptly abandoned them. In 2011 I want to take a different approach to doing things.
In my twenty-something years in this world, I have come to know a few of my weaknesses. A major one is a lack of motivation and a loss of interest. I often fail at giving sustained attention to a particular task. I write lists of things to do; but often abandon them after a while.
The reason for writing these lists is the need for things to focus on, things to strive towards with the aim of crossing them off the list. This often requires much effort, patience and perseverance. I must admit often times I have given up along the way and pursued a different course.
2011 is a fresh start; it’s time to do things differently.

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