Here I am

Here I am

In May, the final step of hubs and my relocation plan was for me to get on a plane and move to Lagos. It was emotional, I packed with tears in my eyes.

I said goodbye and cried buckets.

I had to say goodbye to my colleagues at work, where it was the end of an era as the company was taken over by another and redundancy was the result for a lot of us.

I was excited for the future but sad to be leaving.

Saying goodbye to my friends, especially my friends in church who were more like family was really hard. They had all come to mean so much to me, we laughed and cried together (although thankfully we had more reasons to laugh!).

Now I’m back in Lagos with hubs and we’re building a life together here. It has been challenging but so much fun.

The last couple of months have been emotional, interesting and busy. I’m finally settling in and life is slowing down to a steady pace so here I am, back here on blogger. I’m currently a housewife (!) so I sort of have more time on my hands which means I should be posting more updates on this blog.


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