Some randomness…Jeans Friday

Some randomness…Jeans Friday

It’s Friday, whether you are a student or professional it’s a day that means something to everyone. It seems to me the day carries an air of casualness about it.

A few months ago I eagerly welcomed Fridays, I tweeted things like “TGIF” or “Bring on the weekend!”, because I was glad to see the end of the work week and have the two days off for rest and refreshment. It would be ‘Jeans day’ at the office and I would normally get off work earlier than usual.

I once worked with an employer that scheduled Friday as the first day of the week in the rota which made me dread Fridays as sometimes it meant I was back at work on Saturday and even maybe Sunday. It sucked to have to work on weekends. I know there are numerous jobs that mean people have to work weekends, but I think it’s a lot easier to get through weekend work if you love the job in question.

I still love Fridays, however because I’m unemployed I don’t have an office to have a few days off from. Right now the highlight of the weekend is that T is home with me and we get to go out and spend time/do things together.

My job search is moving along, the job market in Nigeria is something else, it’s all about who you know, popularly called connections but I think it’s more like networking. I call it networking because you are only deriving benefits from the people in your network (who may be friends, family or previous colleagues). It’s really teaching me a lot, because I need to put myself out there and sometimes be forward and approach someone with a speculative application and hope for the best.

This weekend I will be praying for a positive outcome from two conversations I have had with a 2 companies.


Img Src: The B.S Report




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