Second Try

Second Try

Two years ago, I attempted to participate in NaBloPoMo but failed. I decided to give it a try again this month. The theme for the month is ‘FICTION’, however I will not necessarily put up a post around this theme every single day and I’m definitely not working on a fictional story.

To start of with the writing prompt for today is “What is your favourite book?” I had to think for a bit because I have read some great books and there are certain books that I have probably read over and over again and still get drawn in to the story every single time.

One of my favourites is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I haven’t read this book in the last 2-3 years and really think it’s time to read it again. It’s a book that revolves around the Bennet family; which consists of the parents and 5 daughters. Mr Bennet’s entire estate is to be inherited by a distant cousin Mr Collins (a  pompous clergyman), hence it is Mrs Bennet’s sole purpose/obsession to ensure her daughters (Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia) are married off to a wealthy man.

It’s a book full of romance and humour here and there. It is an excellent piece of literature and one feels the emotions of the characters. You feel Jane’s heartache when she is disappointed by Mr Bingley and you can understand why Elizabeth (and almost everyone) comes to the conclusion that Mr Darcy is proud and agreeable. As the story unfolds you discover Mr Darcy’s motives for his previous actions and also see the his true nature and tenderness, this leads to Liz dropping her prejudices against him based on her first impressions of him. Mr Darcy also drops his prejudices against social standing and status/wealth and learns from Elizabeth to judge people based on their character.

The book has been adapted into several plays, movies and miniseries. I have seen the BBC 1995 television version in which Colin Firth starred as Mr Darcy, caught a bit of the miniseries Lost in Austen; which was about a modern-day woman who suddenly swapped lives with Elizabeth Bennet, it was a hilarious adaptation. Another funny adaptation is Bollywood’s Bride and Prejudice.  That was a good one.

From the Wikipedia article for the book I can see that there have been several literary adaptations of the book and I find this very interesting. A lot of times when I read a book and get to the happy ending and I want to know how the characters actually lived together after finding love and getting married. Every single time I read the end of Pride and Prejudice I’ve always wondered what life was like for Elizabeth and Mr Darcy after their wedding.

That’s it; one of my all time favourites, Pride and Prejudice.


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