Day 2: Favourite Author

Day 2: Favourite Author

Writing Prompt: Who is your favourite author?

I love reading the writings of several different writers and over the years I have discovered new writers and fallen in love with their style. I’ll write about two of my favourite writers at the moment.

First is Chimamanda Adiche, I first learnt after hearing much buzz about her first book, Purple Hibiscus. She also wrote Half of a Yellow Sun and That Thing Around Your Neck ( a collection of short stories). She has a unique writing voice that keeps one interested in the story from start to finish. I have enjoyed reading all her books but I would have to choose her second book Half of a Yellow Sun as my favourite.



  Next is Maya Angelou; a poet, educator, author, playwright, activist, historian, producer and director. I first saw her in a movie, I’m not sure exactly which now, and listened to her on talk shows and really respect her insights and wisdom. She has accomplished so much and I really admire her. I only recently read some of her books; I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings,The Heart of a Woman and Letter to my daughter.


There are several authors I enjoy reading and I have highlighted two female authors because their writings inspire me. Chimamanda, I think, made more younger people interested in reading Nigerian literature. I must admit before her books I never really went out of my way to buy books by a Nigerian author and she got me interested in Nigerian literature. She has also represented Nigeria globally which is obvious in the recognition in form of awards she received for her work.

Maya Angelou is an inspiration, her autobiographies tell the story of her relationships, activism and general experiences. Whether in her books, poetry or acting I always see the passion she has shining through.

I conclude with this quote from Maya:

I make writing as much a part of my life as I do eating or listening to music.

Maya Angelou, 1999

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