Time for us

Time for us

Relocating hasn’t been easy, settling into a new home is a lot of work. Every weekend there is something to be done around the house, also we have the obligatory visits to family now we’re in the country. A few weeks after I moved back and after several postponement of a planned date to the movies together, I decided we had to do this.

On the saturday planned for our date, T had to go to work and it looked like it wasn’t going to happen, but we both had  our minds set on it. I knew for the sake of our relationship we needed to do something different and have some alone time (yes even though it’s just the two of us at home together). So we went, we were late and missed the start of the movie, in fact they were about  45 minutes in when we got to the ticket counter. I was disappointed but we were determined to still salvage the night out.

We drove around for a bit trying to find somewhere to go for a meal even though we weren’t actually hungry, after a while we decided on Debonairs. The one thing I absolutely hate about fast food places is the noise and it was so noisy there. The layout of the eatery had changed since the last time I was there and it was packed full, with the pizza place on one side and an Indian restaurant on the other end.

Even with the noise, at a point we just kind of blanked everyone out and enjoyed each other’s company, talking about non-domestic stuff. It was fun taking time off from our regular schedule.

I We’ve been trying to decide on a frequency for date nights; we’re aiming for a special night out twice a month, worst case scenario once.  I’ve read in all the marriage books and blogs that it’s important to have a date night to keep romance alive and even in our less than a year marriage I can testify that they are right. We could easily slip into talking about just chores, items for the house and other domestic things, but having a night off keeps things fresh and keeps the fire burning 😉 .


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