Today, I’m going to share some bits I can still remember of a BBC journalist’s conversation with what appears to be two Manchester rioters/looters (their faces weren’t shown on camera).

Journalist: You can pay for this stuff?

Rioter 1: Yea, but why miss a chance to get stuff for free.

Journalist: What about your parents?

Rioter 1: My parents know I’m here, nothing’s gonna happen. I’m not gonna get grounded or shouted at, well I might get shouted at…

Rioter 2: What are they going to do? The prisons are overcrowded, I’ll take the caution, or what are they going to do? Give me an ASBO?

Journalist: Why are you here?

Rioter 1: We’ve come out for money, this is our payback.

Rioter 2: Because everyone’s doing it…


The last response “because everyone’s doing it” is really saddening. A lot of times when I rode the bus to work and there were school children in it I was always disgusted to hear kids of not more than 10 years old using swear words. It was also obvious that most of them had become so materialist, had a sense of entitlement and no regard for authority.

Plenty has gone wrong in society and it is reflecting in the youngsters. I don’t know what it’s like to raise a child and the challenges it brings, but I figure as a parent you can only pass on morals you yourself exhibit and have got. Of course, there are external influences which parents cannot control but I think if more parents set better examples, showed more interest and instilled discipline in their children it would go a long way.

There is a well written. thought-provoking eye witness account of the Salford riots on this site, worth reading. One interesting bit of this account is “…mothers sent small children in to fill shopping bags with food and beer because they are too young to be arrested”. This is when the looting of a Lidl store was being done, this happens to be across the road from where I lived in Salford.

*An ASBO is an Anti-Social Behaviour Order


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