23 weeks

23 weeks


Currently 23+5 weeks and getting along nicely. Have a few aches and pains, the major culprit being leg cramps in the middle of the night. That wakes me up a lot, most times also waking the hubs when I exclaim.

Little Baby K is doing nicely, movements are more pronounced.

A number of times I’ve read childbirth experiences and must say, I get so scared. I learnt about the book by Jackie Mize on Supernatural Childbirth, read it and have been trying to stay in faith for that. Just like all things one stands in faith for I do get a lot of doubts and fears, but have learnt to confess the positive and pray against fear. I love the prayers in the book which includes prayer points to pray for the baby’s development, praying over eyesight, speech, body organs etc.


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