30 weeks

Week 30

Weight gain: 9.5kg /20lbs
Symptoms: Heartburn šŸ˜¦
Cravings: Nothing particular, trying to eat healthy.
Baby: 1.3kg, size of a head of cabbage. 40cm long.
Baby development: Eye-sight developing

Amazing info: We like to pray as a family and if I or hubs lays a hand on the bump, baby moves!

wow 30 weeks pregnant today! Seems like yesterday we found out I/we was/were pregnant. I actually look like a pregnant woman now, the bump is getting bigger.
This is such an exciting time. I’m eagerly looking forward to welcoming my little prince. I can’t wait to hold him and just stare at him.
We’re preparing physically, psychologically and spiritually to be parents. I’ve been reading books, articles online and my Bible in preparation. Sometimes it’s so daunting to think that God has given one a child and you are responsible for training him up in the right way. I believe that we each have the potentials in us by His grace.
Also preparing our home for his arrival, his cot has been ordered (yay!). The list of essentials and desirables keeps increasing but thankfully we’ve had all these months to spread out purchases.
We visited a couple who just had their first baby and I was a bit freaked out after listening to the story of the lady’s almost 24 hour labour & birth. Sometimes I think about the whole birth thing and I fear creeps in because I will be having a natural birth. I’m now concentrating on preparing my body and mind for labour. It will be okay I know!

It’s been an amazing few months and set to get even better when our little prince arrives.


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