Dear Son

Dear Son

Dear Little Man,

I don’t know where to start, I have so much to say to you. You’ve been in my womb for the last 30weeks and we’re accustomed to each other. It’s great feeling you move, kick and having your occasional hiccups. Your daddy and I can’t wait to see you. You already rock our world.
This morning I went through your already growing wardrobe and started prewashing some of your clothing items ready for the hospital bag. I guess this is how I’m going to be for years to come, preparing things so you can be comfortable. I also placed some orders for items for your nursery.
People keep saying when you come you will change things; you’ve already changed us! We changed the moment we found out about you. You’ve made me read lots about your development whilst your still in the womb and trying to ensure I eat right. Your daddy’s more concerned now about making sure we’re both okay. We’re reading about baby care. We’ve had to think about hiring domestic help, creches and career. We know we want you to have the best and would work to provide this.
We pray for you son, that you would grow up to be a man of honour. You will be full of joy and cause no sorrow or shame to your family. You will serve the Lord and make an impact on the world. You will be the best. You are our shining star.
I love you son.

Lots of Love,


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