Reflections on blogging and writing

Reflections on blogging and writing

In my head I have planned and written out this post, several times…life just seems to happen and ‘get in the way’.
 I love to read although now my reading is predominantly blogs, websites and the occasional e-book. My love for reading I believe has influenced my writing; professionally I get told I write well. Writing well professionally has been emails and well crafted communications to clients. In the last few months it included editing some website content and sending out newsletters within a school environment.
 Writing, can I say I love it? What I will say is I find it fulfilling, just the feeling of seeing my thoughts on paper, articulated and communicating something, gives me great joy. I guess this is why I continue to be drawn to blogging; blogging gives me my own space to practice and hone this writing craft.
 It is my own space to write and hopefully inspire and influence.
This year I plan to re-invent this blog; it has been a space chronicling my journey of self-discovery, reading past posts give insights into my life journey and how far I have come. I have evolved from the young, single lady I was when I started to a wife, mummy, professional and budding entrepreneur. The content of the blog is going to change; I intend to write about marriage, motherhood, write reviews of products/services and other things related to my life at the moment.
I felt the urge to create a new space to do this, but honestly I cannot think of a new blog name, tagline etc and I really felt this space I created is my space and it should evolve with me.
Once again welcome to Beeba Inspired; a personal (re)introduction is in the works and the blog will get an all round update in the next few weeks.

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