Picture this…

Picture this…

Part of my list of things on the 101 list is to reward myself for completed goals.

In celebration of my  approximately 3120 miles move, as well as other completed goals; I nipped into Jessops and became the proud owner of a Canon EOS 450d aka Canon Digital Rebel Xsi!

playin wit eos

kitchen view

Now all I need is lessons and practice to take fabulous pictures…

Putting dreams on paper

Putting dreams on paper


Like I mentioned at the beginning of the week I started working on my vision board, inspired by the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne (Goal #1). For a while I kept thinking I didn’t have all the right items I needed, but I decided to take the initial step and make do with what I had; pictures from magazines, glue and sheets of paper.

Most people make lists or write down some kind of five year plan, usually placing it somewhere safe or in notebook. The vision board is more stimulating as you have images of what you aspire for or to be. It can contain short term or long term dreams, or aspirations for a particular area of your life such as career, relationship, finances, etc.

The vision board is a way to present dreams and goals; ideally it should be placed in a visible position in a home or bedroom. Although I’ve read of individuals who create their boards, completely forget about it, only to stumble on it years later and realise that they’ve achieved their dreams.

The vision board can be presented on a sheet of paper, in a frame or on a power point slide on a computer. My vision board is on a sheet of paper at the moment, but I hope to improve on it in time and even get a frame.

Here’s how to create a vision board.

  • Cut out pictures from magazines
  • Cut out particular words
  • Get a sheet of paper, cardboard
  • Stick on/Paste pictures
  • Make it visually appealing e.g. paint the background
  • Place in a pretty frame
  • Display it somewhere prominent for everyday viewing

Particular images or pictures of places could signify where you want to be or a height you want to attain. For me, a picture of Oprah signifies success and influence, a woman in a wedding dress signifies a wedding and I also chose particular words that popped out to me.

Following the laws of attraction, the creation of the vision board is just the first step. For anything to happen one has to actually believe that those images will become reality.

It is essential to have faith and take action for the actualisation of set goals and dreams.

Book Review: When Joy Came to Stay

Book Review: When Joy Came to Stay

Goal #34 

I bought this book (part of a collection of three, see the first review here), as a result of the genius recommendation system on Amazon. Considering the fact that I had never read any Karen Kingsbury book it was quite a leap to purchase three at a go.

When joy came to stay is the story of a Christian lady, Maggie Stovall and revolves around her battle with depression stemming from her past which she has tried to suppress. Desperate, Maggie checks into a psychiatric hospital, which she later finds is Christian-based; there she gets help dealing with the issues that plague her.

Maggie never opened up to her husband before they got married; this left him unaware of her past and puzzled when she checks herself into a clinic. As a young girl who found herself pregnant, she felt as though keeping her baby would result in the loss of her boyfriend, Ben. Maggie’s breakdown causes Ben to try to find out the secrets his wife has kept from him. He also deals with his somewhat self-righteous attitude especially in judging others.

.Another part of the story is the little girl Amanda Joy, who is in foster care and experiences abuse, but keeps believing that someday she will find her mother.

The themes in the story that stood out to me were;

  • Faith
  • Choices & consequences
  • Forgiveness
  • Restoration

It is a good read although somewhere in the middle it seems to go on and on, but it does come together nicely at the end.


Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

My ISP has been giving me nothing but grieve lately and they were at it all weekend. Short story; on Saturday, I went in to pay my bill, requested a change off tariff so I only pay for what I use because of so much downtime lately. Guy took the payment and assured me it would not affect my current plan and would take effect Monday after the active subscription period lapsed.

On getting home I turned on the computer and I discovered I had been disconnected and nothing could be done until Monday. Probably because I had a lot of other stuff going on that day, I completely forgot my parents have an alternate internet connection, although it tends to be dreadfully slow. This caused blogging to be put on hold.

Seeing as my daily blog updating for August was unceremoniously interrupted, I’ll just have to give it a go some other time.

Over the weekend, I started working on my vision board which is a goal on my 101 things list. The vision board was inspired by the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. It’s proving to be a good exercise because it has got me setting specific life and career goals; more on that when I’m done.

A note about change and 101 update

A note about change and 101 update

Theologians and Bible scholars label the number eight to be a symbol of new beginnings and we are in the eighth month of the year. In the spirit of new beginnings, there has been a change in this new blog of mine.

Regular or not-so-regular visitors to this corner would probably have noticed being redirected to a new url, read on for an explanation. As the about section mentions this space has been/is under construction, but finally my team and I (yes, there is a team- even if it’s just two of us) have been brainstorming (or at least thinking) about a name for this space.

Yesterday I (finally) decided to the domain taureandiva.com, so we went ahead and bought it. Thank goodness for supportive beau and my paypal account, which I used for something other than eBay bargains for the first time.

Dayzero project update: I have started my 101 things to do in 1001 days project. This month my goals are to blog daily and stay off fizzy drinks for the next three months.

A couple of months ago I was in proper healthy living mode and decided to make subtle changes to my diet. The most consistent one I have tried to keep up with is the fizzy drinks, obviously because of the sugar. I cut down on the consumption from regularly to once every other week, so now I’m looking to go off it for a three whole months. This includes refusing it when offered as refreshments when I’m a guest; I really hope it doesn’t offend anyone.

Writing a blog post every day, now that’s a challenge. I’m supposed to attempt to create posts around the theme ‘tomorrow’, but that’s not possible all the time. Take today for instance; I had no inspiration, so maybe tomorrow…

Random Thought: Change is sometimes challenging and may require and test strength of will and character. A new beginning is a change, choose to embrace it!