Reflections on blogging and writing

Reflections on blogging and writing

In my head I have planned and written out this post, several times…life just seems to happen and ‘get in the way’.
 I love to read although now my reading is predominantly blogs, websites and the occasional e-book. My love for reading I believe has influenced my writing; professionally I get told I write well. Writing well professionally has been emails and well crafted communications to clients. In the last few months it included editing some website content and sending out newsletters within a school environment.
 Writing, can I say I love it? What I will say is I find it fulfilling, just the feeling of seeing my thoughts on paper, articulated and communicating something, gives me great joy. I guess this is why I continue to be drawn to blogging; blogging gives me my own space to practice and hone this writing craft.
 It is my own space to write and hopefully inspire and influence.
This year I plan to re-invent this blog; it has been a space chronicling my journey of self-discovery, reading past posts give insights into my life journey and how far I have come. I have evolved from the young, single lady I was when I started to a wife, mummy, professional and budding entrepreneur. The content of the blog is going to change; I intend to write about marriage, motherhood, write reviews of products/services and other things related to my life at the moment.
I felt the urge to create a new space to do this, but honestly I cannot think of a new blog name, tagline etc and I really felt this space I created is my space and it should evolve with me.
Once again welcome to Beeba Inspired; a personal (re)introduction is in the works and the blog will get an all round update in the next few weeks.
Some thoughts

Some thoughts

Some days ago I spent sometime reading some of my previous posts on the blog and I loved seeing the reflections of the phase(s) of life I was in. A lot of times I have wondered about blogging, whether it’s something I really want to continue. I love to journal and I’m one of those people who almost always has a notebook around.

In the last few months I have written and edited several blog posts; in my head. I never seem to be able to get the time I need to sit at the computer and type my thoughts out. Life as a mum and wife has been extremely busy and fulfilling. I intended to blog when my little man hit certain milestones, but such posts never materialized.

I have figured that, once again, I may be unable to do a regular schedule of posts but just put up something when I can. This led me to ask: “why keep the blog at all?”. I don’t have a definitive answer, I can only say I love having a blog.


A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Happy 2011!

With the new year I have decided to give blogging another go.

My Singular Resolution

As with every year, people make resolutions, set goals and outline things they intend to achieve. I have not made a long list of resolutions this year; for as long as I know I have made resolutions at the start of the year and promptly abandoned them. In 2011 I want to take a different approach to doing things.
In my twenty-something years in this world, I have come to know a few of my weaknesses. A major one is a lack of motivation and a loss of interest. I often fail at giving sustained attention to a particular task. I write lists of things to do; but often abandon them after a while.
The reason for writing these lists is the need for things to focus on, things to strive towards with the aim of crossing them off the list. This often requires much effort, patience and perseverance. I must admit often times I have given up along the way and pursued a different course.
2011 is a fresh start; it’s time to do things differently.
A non-blogger’s pledge

A non-blogger’s pledge

Since I started this blog, I’ve never ever thought of myself as a blogger. I imagine a blogger as someone dedicated to their blog and updating regularly. I just created this at a time I needed an outlet and something to occupy myself and then I got to a point where i couldn’t just fit this blog into my schedule.

Like I said months ago, I will say again; I intend to keep this blog and have some sort of frequency for posts.

So help me God…