Here I am

Here I am

In May, the final step of hubs and my relocation plan was for me to get on a plane and move to Lagos. It was emotional, I packed with tears in my eyes.

I said goodbye and cried buckets.

I had to say goodbye to my colleagues at work, where it was the end of an era as the company was taken over by another and redundancy was the result for a lot of us.

I was excited for the future but sad to be leaving.

Saying goodbye to my friends, especially my friends in church who were more like family was really hard. They had all come to mean so much to me, we laughed and cried together (although thankfully we had more reasons to laugh!).

Now I’m back in Lagos with hubs and we’re building a life together here. It has been challenging but so much fun.

The last couple of months have been emotional, interesting and busy. I’m finally settling in and life is slowing down to a steady pace so here I am, back here on blogger. I’m currently a housewife (!) so I sort of have more time on my hands which means I should be posting more updates on this blog.

Back and…married!

Back and…married!

This is why you should make public commitments…I needed to push my self to write a post, hence the promise on Friday.  It’s just a quick one to update whoever still reads this (yes, I neglected this space so much I lost my domain name 😦 ) .

Life has been a whirlwind, truly awesome. I’ve had loads of challenges the past few months, but also loads of victories.

I’ve had months and months of wedding planning and finally on the 23rd of October 2010, I married the love of my life.

I’m truly grateful to God, for our experiences in the last few month cumulating in a glorious wedding day. I had so much fun, it was perfect!

A quick one

A quick one

I’m alive!

I’ve been trying to decide on a direction for this blog, but the truth is I haven’t really had the time to devote it. I have however decided to keep it up and try my very best to make time for one or two posts per week.

I turned 24 a few weeks ago (yay me!), had a fun time with friends and my planned quite lunch for 10, turned to a party of almost (or even over) 30. I was overwhelmed, amazed and thankful; overwhelmed with joy, amazed at the love that surrounded me;  thankful for the people who are not just friends but have become my family.

December 31st 2009 Reflections

December 31st 2009 Reflections

This is not a very well thought out post. I discovered if I don’t write this now, time may just pass by…

The last few days have been that strange limbo period between Christmas and the New Year. For the first time in my life I made a conscious decision to utilise the time to reflect on the year, review the goals I set and develop some sort of scorecard of my achievements. The next step after the review was to set a vision and goals for 2010.

Beautiful end to the day

I realised that 2009; challenging and gloomy at some points was nonetheless an awesome year for me.

I realised that even though everyone assumed 2009 was going to be a mediocre year, for me it was great.

I certainly didn’t think this the entire time, and had several moments of panic and doubt at the actions I had to take to achieve my goals; but all in all faith got me through.

My faith and my dreams were tested a lot this year and I’m glad I found the strength at all times to move on.

I definitely didn’t get through this year on my own; I had the support of my family, the f and friends. They have all been so wonderful to me and I only hope I can be there for them as much as they have been for me. I found encouragement even from merely reading certain blogs.

In 2009 my motto was to Dream…Hope…Believe.

I have so much to be grateful for; I am back in the city I was this time last year and so much has changed. Now I’m planning a future with the man I love and got the job I wanted. I am so blessed and I’m grateful for my blessings…because as the song goes “count your blessings, name them one by one; and it will surprise you what the Lord has done!”.

2010 is the year I strive to be the best I can be.

Happy New Year everyone!

Back with a clearer mind

Back with a clearer mind

Everyone has something to say, social media gives everyone a voice. They say what’s on their mind; they tell the world their aspirations, fears and other mundane details of their life.
I was tired of knowing, I knew so much about them, yet so little of who they are…so I logged off.

I was at a point when I jokingly said I probably would not recognise the voice of some of my friends; because we communicated via Twitter, Facebook or Blackberry messenger. It’s ironic that the very same media that served as a connection to the world left me feeling disconnected.
I was developing a lot of weak ties and felt the weakening of my strong ties.

I took time to reconnect offline; spending time with my family, my fiancé and my friends.
So much has happened in my life since the last time I was here; October was a splendid month from start to finish,and climaxed with my decision to move back to the rainy city.

The start of a couple’s journey and new friendships

The start of a couple’s journey and new friendships

Last weekend saw me taking a trip to attend a wedding. I arrived at my destination on Friday afternoon after a one hour flight and ninety minute drive which took three hours because of traffic.

100_0461Ready to take-off!

The traditional wedding ceremony which was on Friday afternoon was almost ruined by rain and the evil thing called ‘African time’. Nevertheless it was a wonderful afternoon and ceremony even though the MC was drenched in rain as he kept running from the canopy of the bride’s family to the canopy of the groom’s family.

The most striking thing about Nigerian weddings on whatever scale or budget is that they are often carnival-like; a large gathering of family, friends, colleagues and everyone the parents ever met. A wedding is the easiest time to draw the family map of a bride or groom. Everyone is present, either out of goodwill or obligation. A lot of people would try as much as possible to take time off work to be there to support the couple and/or their parents. People give gifts in different forms either particular items or financial aid to the bride’s parents who are the hosts. You can always feel the love all around. 

the bride being prayed for by her parents @ traditional wedding, sadly I don't have any picture of her lovely wedding gown

The bride being prayed for by her parents at the traditional wedding. Sadly, I don’t have any picture of her in her lovely wedding gown worn on saturday.

Saturday was the church wedding and for the first time I witnessed a late groom. The bridal party were in the church long before the groom and we were asked to enter for the service to proceed. Even though the groom was not there to see his bride walk down the aisle, the ceremony was beautiful. I will never forget the moment the father of the bride handed her over to the groom with tears in his eyes; a lot of people were tearing up (or laughing).

It was also a great break for me and I made several new friends, so my 101 things list gets an update because I have 3 new female friends. It’s amazing how we just hit it off, we were bridesmaids together and initially united by a common dilemma. While getting dressed in the morning, we learnt that the makeup artist failed to turn up so we would have to do our own makeup in less than 10 minutes as we were running late. Though frustrating (I left all my makeup bar lip gloss and mascara in the hotel) we managed to pull it off and looked decent enough for the photographs.

It was a privilege to be part of the beginning of a couple’s journey into married life, witnessing their exchange of vows and rings, first kiss and first dance as a married couple.

Congratulations to the new Mr.&Mrs.




 Lovely shopping/whatever-you-want-it-to-be bag from bride to bridesmaids.