This Juggling Act

This Juggling Act

On certain days I’m incredibly stressed; desiring a few hours of uninterrupted sleep to revitalize and recharge. Life as a mum is incredibly busy, a juggling act.

The demands of being a wife, mum and homemaker can be quite exhausting. Between the various activities involved in baby-care, I have the household chores to tackle. As a result of this I have began to appreciate the importance of organization and living a simple life.

Daily I seek to establish a balance in all areas of my/ our life as a family, to ensure that no area suffers while (an)other(s) thrive. I recognize that with time there will be the added responsibility of a career when I go start a job outside the house and I don’t want my family life to suffer as a result.

For me the quest for a balance life has made one word resonate constantly in my mind; simplify. I want to simplify our home; mainly by reducing the amount of possessions we own. Things that take up space but are not adding any value to our quality of life.

I believe simplifying, mainly by decluttering, would help us achieve a new level of organization. I’m in the process of carrying this out and want to plan this out on a room by room basis in our home.
A couple of blogs I have been following on and off for the last couple of years are Simple Mom
and Zen Habits. In the last few weeks I have been scouring the archives and reading a lot of tips on the process of simplification. It is a process I am looking forward to and embracing as a way of life.

Amongst a number of resources I have downloaded, I have also got 2 e-books by Tsh of Simple Mom; Organized Simplicity and One Bite At A Time. As I make my way through these resources and embark on the journey to a simple living I will document and share lessons learnt.

Here’s to simple living!