2014: The Year of Change

2014: The Year of Change

It’s 3.30 am and I am sitting here, finally typing this… I have been running through the year in my head for the past hour or so…

What an awesome year it has been for me and my family. My family increased this year and honestly we are so, so blessed. We have had difficult moments but together we got through.

It’s been a defining year in my marriage, we have learnt so much more about each other, discovered sides of one another that came unveiled as a result of more responsibilities. We have figured out how to handle our challenges without involving the world. We have remained friends and laughed together throughout.

My kids…it has been wonderful seeing them grow this year, I am so pleased to be able to have mini conversations with D; it’s fun watching them grow. They are truly blessings and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Friends…come and go. I have met several amazing people in the course of the year at my son’s school, while shopping, at church and at work. I have been terrible at keeping up relationships because frankly I get so wrapped up in my own little world. This I will continue to aim to get better at….

Career wise; 2014 was surprising. I had new experiences that have enriched my skills and given me the courage to take the next bold step. I worked at two jobs this year and the variety of experiences gained has been wonderful. I have discovered some of my strengths and my weaknesses and these will help in my next steps.

Spiritually, I did not achieve certain things I would have loved to, I feel I did not pray enough, read my bible enough, have faith enough…but God remained faithful.

As I step into the last few hours of 2014 I cannot but feel grateful for an amazing year; a year of growth, a year of change.

Goodbye 2014!


A note about change and 101 update

A note about change and 101 update

Theologians and Bible scholars label the number eight to be a symbol of new beginnings and we are in the eighth month of the year. In the spirit of new beginnings, there has been a change in this new blog of mine.

Regular or not-so-regular visitors to this corner would probably have noticed being redirected to a new url, read on for an explanation. As the about section mentions this space has been/is under construction, but finally my team and I (yes, there is a team- even if it’s just two of us) have been brainstorming (or at least thinking) about a name for this space.

Yesterday I (finally) decided to the domain taureandiva.com, so we went ahead and bought it. Thank goodness for supportive beau and my paypal account, which I used for something other than eBay bargains for the first time.

Dayzero project update: I have started my 101 things to do in 1001 days project. This month my goals are to blog daily and stay off fizzy drinks for the next three months.

A couple of months ago I was in proper healthy living mode and decided to make subtle changes to my diet. The most consistent one I have tried to keep up with is the fizzy drinks, obviously because of the sugar. I cut down on the consumption from regularly to once every other week, so now I’m looking to go off it for a three whole months. This includes refusing it when offered as refreshments when I’m a guest; I really hope it doesn’t offend anyone.

Writing a blog post every day, now that’s a challenge. I’m supposed to attempt to create posts around the theme ‘tomorrow’, but that’s not possible all the time. Take today for instance; I had no inspiration, so maybe tomorrow…

Random Thought: Change is sometimes challenging and may require and test strength of will and character. A new beginning is a change, choose to embrace it!