Kitchen Diaries: Easy Spinach Stirfry

Kitchen Diaries: Easy Spinach Stirfry

We all know eating healthy is important and great for our general health and well being, but it’s not always easy. Today I will be sharing an easy and inexpensive spinach stirfry recipe I normally incorporate into my rice dishes. It can be tweaked with the addition of meats or seafood but this is the basic recipe.

Spinach Stir Fry



Bell Peppers (2)

Chilli Peppers (1)

1 medium white onion

Soya Oil (1 tablespoon)

Stock Cube (1/2)

Salt (a pinch/to taste)


Curry Spice


Pluck spinach leaves and cut into ½ inch sizes (you can make it as chunky or thin as you wish). Rinse Spinach in water several times (Vegetables from Nigerian markets would normally have a substantial amount of dust, so rinse several times to get all the dirt off)


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  • Blanch Spinach (hot water for 1 minute and transfer to cold water) and set aside.
  • Wash and Chop onions
  • Rinse, Deseed and chop bell peppers
  • Chop chilli peppers
  • Heat pan up (I normally use a non-stick pan for stir frys and heat before use)
  • Add oil (a recommend 1 tablespoon as you do not want the spinach to be oily, I normally use a tablespoon and spread around the pan and most times would drain off any excess oil as I aim to only coat the pan with oil.
  • Now, add onions to the pan and fry until the onion turns translucent, then add peppers (you can choose to pour it all in at once, but this is my method and I stick with it)
  • Add stock cube to onion and pepper mix; keep stirring
  • Ensure that at this stage you are pleased with the onion and pepper mix.
  • Add Spinach to the mix and stir in to ensure that the onion, pepper and spinach are properly blended.
  • I recommend cooking for about 3 minutes; I do not cook for too long to avoid wilting of the spinach as it will continue to cook a bit even after the heat is off.
  • Add pinch of salt (or to your taste, but keep it healthy!)
  • Your spinach is now ready to serve.

Serve with rice (steamed, jollof, fried) and enjoy!